Testimonials ForChristy Watson

Ivan Drury

Purchasing a home is important (duh!), there are so many factors involved with deciding on where, how much, how big, what age, everything, there is not one single aspect of a home purchase that is not worth you taking into account, even if you find something to be trivial, the next buyer might not. With this much weight on one’s shoulders, it is vital to have an expert on your side, this isn’t something you do a regular basis and who wants to bare the burden, spread the load out over a few shoulders. This is where Christy will be vital in your purchase (we bought with her, I am assuming she’d kill it at selling, so in a couple years when we move, guess who the listing agent will be?) experience as she was able to help guide us in the right direction and being new to CO with only having many hours of internet listings as our experience, her guidance was greatly appreciated. You can look at listings all day, but working with someone that lives and breathes this stuff is another ball game, you can easily remove half your listings that are perfect in you mind or possible add another dozen simply due to her inputs and her inputs will be based upon your specific needs/wants. We can easily check box of knowledge that you can trust but what else, below are my top three favorite aspects of working with Christy.
Availability/time management – Christy was always able to find time for us, in fact, it felt like we were her number one priority. The crazy thing is I know she was juggling multiple clients, on both sell and buy sides, but she was neve frazzled or forgot anything, plus, you know, she is living a life too and somehow made it all happen. Fast responses to text or emails, could go house hunting on a regular basis, even found the time to check in with us during the “slow” part of buying. Now that I think about it, she must have an identical twin handling some this…
Personality – Some people are just easy to get along with, and she is one of them. We’re not talking phony or over the top, but just a cool person that is easy to get along with. You’re going to spend a lot of time together, it helps to actually like the person 😊
Professional – This also applies to the team she is working with; her other folks are great and during the entire process I never started having doubts. I just knew whatever needed to be done on time would be and with some many moving parts during a transaction, having a competent agent with backup that is on point was perfect with keeping our minds at ease. Also, when it came time for negotiations, her abilities were top tier to say the least, every home needs some work, the only question is who is gonna pay for it, you want her on your side.
I’d go on, but you have other reviews to read and “someone” to contact. Actually, if you want more details, send me an email, I’d be happy to correspond.